Test sprawdzający poziom angielskiego

Szukasz Idealnej Szkoły Językowej ?

Mamy Sprawdzone Metody na Szybki Progres. Zrób Darmowy Test Językowy i Sprawdź Jak Możemy Ci Pomóc Rozwinąć się Językowo.

*Trzy pierwsze pola: mail, telefon oraz miejscowość są obowiązkowe do uzupełnienia, bez nich test nie zostanie wysłany do sprawdzenia.





    1) I work as a doctor and my wife , too.

    2) What is your home town ?

    3) I think taxi driver

    4) My boyfriend to the pub every night.

    5) She like basketball very much.

    6) How does it cost?

    7) She agree with you.

    8) Would you like help?

    9) How are you?

    10) They go to the cinema

    11) some more juice?

    12) Mary can't volleyball. She’s broken her arm.

    13) Did you anywhere interesting last weekend?

    14) Jane her new pen.

    15) you ever seen a ghost?

    16) If I were rich, I buy a big house with a swimming-pool.

    17) They pass the test if they studied harder.

    18) I’m afraid I here for your birthday party.

    19) He hasn’t played since he the accident

    20) In life can make a mistake; we’re all human.

    21) I wish I sing well

    22) If he about it, I’m sure he’d help.

    23) By the time you get this present I .

    24) Ben knows that he to pay now.

    25) John forgot the lights before he left.

    26) They said they come, but they didn’t.

    27) It’s no use to Clare. She doesn’t listen.

    28) He was offered the job having poor qualifications.

    29) His mother ordered him out late again.

    30) If only I to the party instead of staying at home

    31) Sandra has two sisters, but she doesn't speak to of them.

    32) Anne has got two children, ?

    33) It's all right, we hurry. We have plenty of time.

    34) If he hadn't drunk so much, he sick.

    35) The job offer was too good for Steve to turn

    36) If I on holiday to Spain, I wouldn’t have met Juan

    37) A: I don’t go to the disco. B: I

    38) I wish I a hamster

    39) We have for a receptionist but haven't appointed anyone yet.

    40) The loudspeakers won't work unless you those cables